Renting a Scooter in Miami Beach

Renting a scooter is like having a piƱa colada. Both are must dos when  you're on vacation. Especially if you're in Miami!

So how do you find the best scooter rental company? Here are the 5 things you should do before even leaving your hotel:

1) Ask your concierge:  Concierges are the most reliable source when it comes to finding the best of everything, including scooter rental companies. Unlike online reviews, concierges are live people that know you can easily find them if their recommendation is not up to par. They are the face of the hotel and more than anyone, want to make sure that you are happy and enjoying your stay.

2) Yelp: If your hotel doesn't have a concierge, your best alternative to finding the best scooter rental company is to use a credible website directory. Yelp's reviews all have to pass strict scrutiny to weed out the fake reviews, ultimately leaving you with a very real and reliable picture of the service you should expect from each scooter rental company. Although not every great company has 5 stars, it's good to read the reviews and judge for yourself.

3) Quality: Once you've pinpointed your top choices, go online and see the scooters. It's always a good idea to call the location and make sure that the pictures on their website are of the exact scooters that you will be renting. There is nothing more disappointing than making the trip to the scooter rental shop and finding out that the nice scooter you saw on their website is for sale and the ones for rent are in horrible condition. Plus, many scooter rental companies cover their scooters with annoying "Rent Me" signs and phone numbers. Why should you pay to advertise someones company? Not only that, it is a tell tale sign that you are a tourist. 

4) Convenience: Renting a scooter in Miami should be a simple and pleasant experience. So skip the taxi ride or long walk and call a company that delivers the scooter to you. Not only that, you can have the scooter picked up anywhere, so you are not obligated to be anywhere by any specific time. So you can enjoy your day.

5) Price: Finding a quality scooter for the best price is your ultimate goal. Just make sure you keep all factors in mind. Do you need to pay for a taxi or bus to get to the scooter shop and back to the hotel or home at the end of your rental? Or do they deliver? What is the cost of delivery? Is fuel included? There can be many additional costs associated with your scooter rental, so make sure you resist the urge to go for the cheapest scooter rental, without taking a moment to see the big picture.

Keeping these 5 things in mind on your next scooter rental will guarantee that you get the best scooter rental at the best price!

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