Miami on a Scooter

Miami on a Scooter captures the very spirit of Miami.

This ongoing photo blog will include a short bio of who you are and what makes you move.
3 of professional edited photos that will posted to our social media outlets.
We are offering to photograph you and your (or one of ours) scooter on the move and at the unique places you go.
In addition, we will knock of 10% to a scooter rental of your choice.
Send us a short description of who you are and why we should promote you on a number (305) 570-5690.
Don’t miss out as slots are limited! 
Marie Alexander is a Russian born photographer who is currently based in Miami. She has a degree in journalism and psychology from Kazan Federal University in Kazan, Russia and years of experience in photography and image editing for various magazines and newspapers. Instagram: